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 Banting Brownies (frozen)

Little Miss Cupcake has partnered with us to bring you this AWESOME treat, using some of our great p..

01. Babycakes Chocolate Bars 85 - 95 g

The PumpkinThe EggnogThe NeapolitanThe Fudge UpShipwrecked..

02. Fontein Water 500ml (loose)
03. Tonic Water 200 ml x 4

IndianHibiscusLight at HeartMarulaHoney Bush..

04. Coffee 250 g Damn Fine Coffee

250 g CoffeeFilterBeansEspressoPlunger..

04. Sonnendal 1L Juice  Sachets - VARIETY OF FLAVOURS TO CHOOSE from
06. Lausanne Cheddar Cheese Slices 500g (approximately 55 slices)

FRESH sliced cheese - not processed. Perfect for school lunch boxes or burgers!..

07. Ladismith 500 g UNSALTED butter
14. Lausanne 175 g Layered Yoghurt + Muesli
1kg Grated Cheddar Cheese
Clover Condensed Milk 385 g
Single Batch Milk Kefir

Doorstep partners up with Suzanne from Single Batch to bring you milk Kefir!..

Single Batch Water Kefir 500 ml

Doorstep Dairyman partners with Single Batch to bring you 500 ml Water Kefir!! ..

The Nice Company 125 ml Ice cream / frozen yoghurt

We have just partnered with The Nice Company to bring you 12 flavours of awesome tasting ice cream a..

Zest 140 g Honey Butter
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