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Lunch Box ideas

We take the pressure off by giving you some great ideas for school, work or outings!

Barney Yoghurt (6 X 100 g pack) Fair Cape
Benny's Pies 170 g (Shop size) variety available

Baking InstructionsFrom Frozen -Preheat oven to 160°C-Remove Pie from packaging and place on baking ..

Brownies chocolate 1 X large (packaged)

Andrea from RED KITCHEN makes these awesome chocolate brownies!Store in freezer or eat straight away..

Diabetic Strawberry OR Peach Apricot 100 g yoghurt (Lausanne)

Peach Apricot OR Strawberry available..

Drinking Yoghurt Bottle 300 ml 5 FLAVOURS (Lausanne)

Flavours Available:•Strawberry •Peach Apricot •Vanilla •Granadilla •English Toffee..

Juice 350 ml variety of flavours (Lausanne)

AppleOrangeTropicalGuava 20%..

Ma Rose Waffle Mixes (8 portion)

For EVERY waffle mix sold, we will donate R 10 to Atisha, helping her reunite with her family.We ask..

Milkshakes Fair Cape 275-300 ml variety

These are perfect for school, work or a treat ;)..

Milky Dream 80 ml ice-cream Bompies

5 yummy flavours to choose from..

Muffin Mixes 1.4 KG (Ma Rose)

Bigger and better with a few new flavours!This husband & wife team from Wellington, to honour Ma..

Muffin Mixes 900 g (Ma Rose)
R69.90 R67.50

For EVERY muffin mix sold, we will donate R 10 to Atisha, helping her reunite with her family.900 g ..

Native 50 g Snack packs, Hospitality & On the GO!
R45.00 R39.90

The perfect snack for EVERYONE!..

Pizza base Margherita 30 cm single

Pasticcio Bakery at its best!Add your own toppings - meal sorted!..

Pizza bases plain (pack of 5 x 30 cm)
R75.00 R65.00

We give you the perfect bases and you add everything YOU want to make it your dream pizza!They have ..

Serviettes (x 50)


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