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NEW Products

12. Vegetable Curry (VERY HOT) 170 g - limited edition
2 kg Grated Cheddar Cheese
R179.90 R170.00

Premium Grated Cheddar from Orange Otter..

Alfalfa 250 g salted butter
R35.00 R29.50


Benny's Balls (Arancini) 12 x 35 g pack (NEW Truffle flavour available!)
R70.00 R65.00

From the guys who brought you the pizza bases, gourmet pies and muffin mixes ... here is a ...New pr..

Benny's Jalapeno Poppers (12 units per pack)
R117.00 R108.00

The Boys from Paarl bring you ANOTHER winner!Thaw. Fry. Enjoy!A creamy cheese filling with italian h..

Candyfloss 750 g tubs (pink or blue)

The Candyfloss Guy (mom & son team) have an awesome product for children of all ages!Kept in a T..

Coffee Jacobs 200g jar

Another office necessity .....

Coffee Nescafé 200 g jar
FrEasy Ma Rose Muffin Mix 900 g
R69.90 R59.90

900 g Muffin Mix will get you 12 Large Muffins or over 20 smaller ones - works out to R 6.50 per lar..

Milky Dream 80 ml ice-cream Bompies
R3.50 R2.95

5 yummy flavours to choose from..

Pizza bases plain (pack of 5 x 30 cm)
R60.00 R49.90

We give you the perfect bases and you add everything YOU want to make it your dream pizza!PS - we ha..

PURA 330 ml Soda Beverage can UNITS

You MUST try each of these six awesome flavours!..

PURA 330 ml Soda Beverage cans 6 PACK

Buy in bulk to save some money :)NEW - choose the 'mix of six' option and we give you just that!..

Sugar 2.5 KG


Teabags JOKO 100's


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