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Benny's PIES and PIZZAS

Benny's pies are from Pasticcio Gourmet Bakery.

These awesome pies are "Original Short Crust Pastry Pies"!

5. Pizza base Margarita 30 cm

Pasticcio Bakery at its best!Add your own toppings - meal sorted!..

8. 170 g Benny's Pies VARIETY AVAILABLE

Baking InstructionsFrom Frozen -Preheat oven to 160°C-Remove Pie from packaging and place on baking ..

Benny's 550 g FAMILY size pies (variety)

Go big or stay home ... ..

FrEasy Ma Rose Muffin Mix 900 g
R78.00 R69.00

900 g Muffin Mix will get you 12 Large Muffins or over 20 smaller ones - works out to R 6.50 per lar..

SPECIAL OFFER Family 550 g Bobotie Pie

1 x 550 g Bobotie pie for R 552 x 550 g Bobotie pie for R 100..

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