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2 kg Grated Cheddar Cheese

Premium Grated Cheddar from Orange Otter..

Benny's Balls (Arancini: plain or truffle) 12 x 35 g pack
R72.00 R66.00

This product is to be discontinued, so this is the LAST available stock, AND on special!From the guy..

Blue Rock Cheese Wedge 100 g (Fair View)
Brie 125 g

Wow! Enjoy!..

Brie Cheese wedge 125 g (Fair View)
Camembert 125 g

You're welcome ;)..

Camembert cheese 125 g (Fair View)
Cheese Cheddar 1 KG loaf (Alfalfa)

1 KG Alfalfa cheddar loaf..

Cheese FRESH Cheddar Slices 500 g (Lausanne)

FRESH sliced cheese - not processed. Perfect for school lunch boxes or burgers!About 22 slices...

Cheese Gouda 1 KG loaf (Alfalfa)
Chevin Goat's Cheese 100 g (Fair View)
Cottage Cheese Chunky 2.5 kg (Lancewood)
Cottage Cheese Smooth 2.5 kg (Lancewood)
Cream Cheese 2.5 KG RED lid (Farm Hill)
Cream Cheese medium fat 250g Lancewood
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