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Weekly Specials / Stock Clearance

Offering you great deals as we move stock on!

Benny's Balls (Arancini: Truffle) 12 x 35 g pack
R90.00 R78.00

This product is to be discontinued, so this is the LAST available stock, AND on special!From the guy..

Creme Caramel Flambi Desserts 2 X 100 ml (Fair Cape)

Flambi creme caramel – A smooth sensory delight. Enjoy the taste of France with this delectably deca..

Dragon's Breath HOT Sauces 250 ml
R65.00 R55.00

This is another brilliant locally produced product.Go on, tickle the dragon ... we dare you!..

Eggs 18 Large Wrapped (Golden Yolk)
Full Cream Sachet 1L (Alfalfa)
Ma Rose Waffle Mixes (8 portion)
R68.00 R49.90

For EVERY waffle mix sold, we will donate R 10 to Atisha, helping her reunite with her family.We ask..

Mozi-away insect repellent 100 ml (SUPCO)

You KNOW you need this!..

Muffin Mixes 1.4 KG (Ma Rose)

Bigger and better with a few new flavours!This husband & wife team from Wellington, to honour Ma..

Muffin Mixes 900 g (Ma Rose)
R69.90 R59.90

For EVERY muffin mix sold, we will donate R 10 to Atisha, helping her reunite with her family.900 g ..

Native 50 g Snack packs, Hospitality & On the GO!
R45.00 R39.90

The perfect snack for EVERYONE!..

Steri Stumpies 350 ml variety

Available flavours are:StrawberryChocolateBananaBubblegumCream SodaToffee CaramelCoffee..

The Gourmet Chef - Dishes for TWO (2)

We are very proud to partner with Mark & the team from The Gourmet Chef!Thaw, bake at 180 for 30..

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