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Benny's 550 g FAMILY size pies (variety)

Go big or stay home ... ..

Benny's Balls (Arancini: plain or truffle) 12 x 35 g pack
R72.00 R66.00

This product is to be discontinued, so this is the LAST available stock, AND on special!From the guy..

Benny's Jalapeno Poppers (12 units per pack)
R132.00 R115.00

This product is to be discontinued, so this is the last available stock AND on special!The Boys from..

Benny's Pies 170 g (Shop size) variety available

Baking InstructionsFrom Frozen -Preheat oven to 160°C-Remove Pie from packaging and place on baking ..

Brie 125 g

Wow! Enjoy!..

Brownies chocolate 1 X large (packaged)

Andrea from RED KITCHEN makes these awesome chocolate brownies!Store in freezer or eat straight away..

Camembert 125 g

You're welcome ;)..

Chunky Crumbs premium Biscuits (300 g, 5-6 biscuits)

We have partnered with Chunky Crumbs, a local company, to bring you these awesome premium biscu..

Cream Cheese 2.5 KG RED lid (Farm Hill)
Damn Fine Coffee 250 g AND 1 KG

250 g CoffeeFilterBeansEspressoPlunger1kg - Bag of coffee Beans..

DONATION - R 10 FROM you TO feed the hungry

We have become all too aware of those in desperate need around us. Please consider donating R 10 and..

Dragon's Breath HOT Sauces 250 ml
R65.00 R49.90

This is another brilliant locally produced product.GGo on, tickle the dragon ... we dare you!..

Full Cream Sachet 1L (Alfalfa)
Gingerbread Build It Yourself Kit
R250.00 R220.00

Another locally produced, yummy-to-eat project ... perfect for some fun at home!..

Gorgonzola 130 g (Creamy blue Italian cheese)

We have done it again! We have joined forces with a local lady - enjoy this awesome product!Creamy b..

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