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02. Lausanne 175g Yoghurts - VARIETY OF FLAVOURS TO CHOOSE FROM
R6.95 R5.95

175 g Low Fat Fruit YoghurtFlavours Available:StrawberryCape FruitGranadillaPlain Double Cream Greek..

04. Sonnendal Yoghurt 500ml VARIETY OF FLAVOURS TO CHOOSE
R15.00 R11.50

Strawberry GranadillaStewed Fruit and Custard Cape Fruit Guava..

06. Lausanne Drinking Yoghurt Bottle 300ml VARIETY OF FLAVOURS TO CHOOSE
R9.95 R8.50

Flavours Available:•Strawberry •Peach Apricot •Vanilla •Granadilla •English Toffee..

07. Faircape Plain Low Fat Bulgarian Yoghurt 1Kg
R29.50 R27.50

Low fat yoghurt – A smooth plain yoghurt made with only the best quality milk and low in fat. Delici..

08. Fair Cape Plain Double Cream Greek Yoghurt 1KG
R35.00 R29.90

Double Cream yoghurt – Only the best quality cream is used to create a sublime velvety yoghurt rich ..

09. Lausanne 5L Yoghurt (2 flavours to choose from)
R129.95 R119.90

- Strawberry- Cape Fruit ..

10. Fair Cape Full Cream Smooth -  Assorted flavours 6 X 100g
R19.95 R17.50

A silky smooth full cream yoghurt bursting with the flavour of delicious ripe juicy strawberries, pl..

14. Lausanne 175 g Layered Yoghurt + Muesli
200. Lausanne 5L Yoghurt -Low Fat Bulgarian Yoghurt
21. Lausanne 5L Yoghurt - Double Cream Greek Yoghurt
R119.50 R109.90

Double Cream Greek Yoghurt ..

Diabetic Strawberry OR Peach Apricot 100 g yoghurt
R4.00 R2.95

Peach Apricot OR Strawberry available..

Faircape Barney 6 Pack Yoghurt (6 X 100g)
Full Cream Plain Yoghurt 1 LT Fair Cape
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